Kia Optima vs. Kia Forte

2018 Kia Optima
2018 Kia Forte
MPG (City/Hwy/Combined) 25/36/29 29/37/32
Horsepower 185 horsepower 147 horsepower
Torque 178 lb.-ft 132 lb.-ft
Engine Type 2.4 liter, DOHC 16-valve I-4 2.0 liter, DOHC, 16-valve I-4, Atkinson Cycle
Total Interior Volume (cu. ft.) 120.7 96.2
Exterior Dimension 57.7 inches (height) X 73.2 inches (width) X 191.1 inches (length) 53.3 inches (height) X 70.1 inches (width) X 179.5 inches (length)
Vehicle Turning Circle (ft.) 35.8 34.8
Hybrid Models Available Yes No
Starting MSRP $22,500 $16,700

When comparing the Kia Optima to the Kia Forte, the two biggest things that buyers usually consider are size and price. The Kia Optima is a midsize sedan, so has more passenger volume and cargo volume than the Kia Forte. It also has a bigger engine with more torque and horsepower. Those with families tend to lean toward the Kia Optima simply because it is more spacious, although when you are buying a Kia model, you can rest assured you are getting a car with a quiet, comfortable cabin and outstanding tech features.

For those who aren't overly concerned with size, the Kia Forte is a stylish, fun-to-drive compact sedan with a cheaper price tag than the Kia Optima. It's roughly 12 inches shorter than the Kia Optima, but only about three inches fewer in the height and width department. The EPA estimates that drivers get better gas mileage in the city than that Kia Optima, but that both get similar MPGs on the highway.

Whether you're commuting to work in Lima, Wapakoneta, or cruising up and down I-75 between the two to visit friends or family, you'll enjoy the comfortable, catchy ride of a Kia Optima or Kia Forte.